Truth to the Ladies

Ladies, Ladies, come have a seat. We have put this off way to long and it is time we had this talk. I know it is tough to hear, but I feel it is my duty as a guy not interested in you. Don’t be hurt! I mean that in a loving Christ-like way, but it is time I tell you the truth.

“I need a guy who respects me.” – Ladies you are right! You deserve a guy who respects you in a way that extends beyond opening doors for you. This guy needs to respect you and the source of your life. So when you say you need a guy to do this there are some strings attached. Crazy as it sounds respect is one of those two way streets. Another thing, you can’t expect us guys to respect you if you don’t respect yourself. I understand you are a very beautiful girl. I can plainly see that. Cover your crack up, all that says to me is you are looking for something not very respectful.

“Where are all the good guys?” – All the good guys are playing hide and seek. They are boarded onto 747s in the middle of the night and shipped off to Good Guy Isle. No seriously, there are good guys abound. Problem is that science has proven that you do not really want a good guy. It is fashionable to say you want a good guy since to admit you want an ass would sound pretentious and make your girlfriends and family be a lot less willing to console you when the douche screws you over. Here is a little secret, the good guys are the ones you aren’t running into at the frat parties. They aren’t the guys getting drunk at some various bar on Wednesday night. The guys you are looking for are the ones opening the door for you down at the local mall that you are too busy to notice as you complain to your girlfriends about good guys being a fallacy.

“Give me a man!” – Here is an easy one, what you meant to say here is give me a boy. If you really wanted a man that would mean involving yourself in a relationship that required some work. A man is going to be tough, a leader, and a little grimy. He isn’t going to dress like a model or peruse the gossip letters. Chances are his fashion sense is about as capable as your ability to change the oil in your car. That is the beauty of being with a real man. He is everything you aren’t. He has the opportunity to complete you. Stop chasing boys and look for a provider and compassionate heart.

“Nothing is exciting anymore between us.” – Not surprising in the least bit! So when you gals get your hands on a man you do everything possible to neuter them. Remember that feeling you got when he pulled up on that motorcycle? The way you heart skipped when he cut down that tree in the yard with his bare hands? Maybe it was the way those military uniforms hung off his rough exterior. The moral of the story here is that the things that attracted you to this man are the first things you attempt to get rid of. Men need to be men. That means living on the edge a little, getting dirty, and being slightly unrefined. It seems that as soon as you nab us you start getting rid of all those things. The bike goes, the military is discarded, and the cutting down of trees is left to the tree service. If you wanted another girlfriend I recommend you find one. If you want a man we will be outside rotating your tires covered in oil.

“I don’t feel in love anymore!” – Me either! I had this Tonka truck that broke my heart just as quick as I broke off the wheels. You see love is a passing emotion. I love trail-mix one day and chicken the next. Chances are that the man you are with will change. Loving someone totally means learning to love them again and again. Quit letting your emotions lead you.

“I want a father to my children” – Do you realize what you are asking us to do? Do you realize what you are doing to your children? Every man who comes into your life (and leaves your life) not only impacts you but also the family you live with. You aren’t just looking for a guy who can show you a good time anymore, you are looking for a leader. You don’t birth a miracle and expect your life to stay the same. Stop dating boys. Your children can’t afford for you to keep making the same mistakes.

I love you all my Sisters. God created you all in His image. I mean these words in the kindest way but I am afraid our world has lead you astray. Your magazines and TV shows make you believe that you are looking for a meterosexual woman with some extra human appendages. You keep failing for a reason and keep attracting the wrong guys for a reason.