Bought a Kindle

I love books. I actually love reading but hate the one aspect of being a traveling reader…carrying them all. A few reference computer manuals and a college book and I might as well pack a second bag. So I broke down and became an early adopter. Say hello to my Kindle!

I started by getting some essential books on there right away, Catechism of the Catholic Church…check…New American Bible Translation…check…soak on that for a minute. I just put two books on a device that weighs hardly anything. Here are some comparison shots:

The best part so far has been Peruse over that way and see the 30,000+ books you can download for free. Good stuff too! Geeky, history, classics, poetry, satire, religious. Heck the entire Chesterton collection is up there. What else do you need to know?

So far highly recommend. Stay tuned for a better video review here shortly.