Goodness inside

There has always been a great debate on if people were naturally good or evil. On one side of the argument is the mantra of those who have been hurt, beaten, and bloodied by the world they exist within. Polar to that position is the group of seeing beyond the evil things people do and hoping for the best inside of everyone. Glass half empty and full type of argument. Tonight I figured out how we know good is at the heart of us all.

Since I am a big dork with no time on my hands I am just now seeing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. As I sit here watching him go through horrible arguments and pain it is the final realization that it wasn’t so bad that he begins to run for the memories as they disappear. What I realized is that I write things down to avoid forgetting what it is I am running to or from. Then it hit me, we erase our own bad memories. Since the movie is primarily about relationships I will use those as the indicator of just what I am speaking to.

Think back to your last relationship. What was the first memory to pop in your mind? I would be willing to wager that it wasn’t the time she threw your stuff around or hurt you, no rather it was probably a smile or a great moment doing something together. Why is that? Why do we push away all the things that brought such pain in your life that you expelled the very source? It is my theory that the reason we get rid of the horrible moments in the past is our minds and souls are just notnaturally capable of storing them.

When your very existence is built upon the rock of goodness in your heart there is no way to store bad memories for a lifetime. There of course would be cases that negate that but even then I am sure like the exercise above, your first memory of the topic would not be bad. This is why it is so important for us to write down things and share what is in our past. Maybe someone close to you will store thatexperience for you or the paper will live on to the day you renege on the idea. There are days I think back to my divorce and wonder if the decision was one of intelligence and divine intervention. Nights are wasted inspecting the ceiling above head as I lay awake recounting the countless good memories. That is why my blog is filled with posts exposing the very root of my heart. It is important that in life we remember that not everything is of pure goodness. There are times when everything isabsolutely shitty. That is okay though, as it grows us to the person we are today. It is of great importance that we remember that through pain we grow, but our hearts yearn to forget the source of growth.