We are all one body…

One of the most enjoyable activities for me is to simply sit an airport. The cross section of society is laid in front of you to sample and review. After a few minutes of sampling the room, I find myself asking “Do I do that?”

God truly implants into our hearts the ability to see past the skin and on to the light within us all. That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time or the tremble in your hand as you meet a shaddy character. We have an uncanny ability to sense the nature of someone in the simpliest of forms without knowing them. It is through experinces and life that we become simply the human lithmus test of character.

So what does it say about me sitting here in this airport when I can see a little bit of me in all of them? My gut reaction when looking at the trophy wife sitting across from me is that she is naive and superficial but when I review it closer what I see is emptiness. Why is it that I can relate entirely with her emptiness and vanity in one small moment? Seeing the young geeky kid writing away on his moleskin appears at first glance to be sterotypical. His pale white skin shines against the all black he wears and I can’t help but think to myself that he must be deep in thought. I remember being the geeky kid armed with pen and pad writing away my memories and dreams. In the years since those days in the lunch hall I would love to imagine I have changed, possibly. My exterior has certainely changed but here I am typing away my memories and dreams.

Theologically we are all One Body of Christ. I know that within my soul there is a piece of them all. What we sometimes forget is that within that body there is a more than a person. In our inability to comprehend the true meaning of the Gospel we mask the words in humanity. Maybe seeing our traits and characters in others is the true display of that Body of Christ. It isn’t my ears or eyes that make up the body but rather my joy. Well, I hope it is my joy.

The geeky kid a few rows over is looking at me as he writes, gently hiding his eyes as I find him staring. I wonder if he is sitting there seeing part of himself in me. I wonder what part of him he sees.