Voting Catholic

My family and I had a discussion last night that really sparked my synaptic in the old head. The current ream of candidates just doesn’t allow for a Catholic to vote in accordance with our values. One one side of the aisle you have a pro-abortion, anti-marriage, pro-euthanasia group that values welfare. Hop and skip to the other side and there you have a pro-torture, pro-war, pro-spending (as of late) conglomerate. If we lay out the Catholic Values of peace and goodwill to man it is getting really hard to vote. I can only speak for myself, but it comes down to what is more important. Is it more important that the unborn live or that the millions of people caught-up in Nation Building do not die. Why am I forced in America to review the sanctity of life on a global perspective? How sad has politics become when rather than discussing such issues as these we get caught up with 400 dollar haircuts, crazy pastors, or dodging make believe bullets?

I disagree with holding your nose and voting. That is why this year I voted for Ron Paul. Did I agree with Paul on all counts? Nope, not even a little bit. What I wanted the current society to see is that there is a group of us out there who are not happy with things the way they are. My subset (Catholic Minded Votes) has no voice in the current political market. I am glad that the Church does not get involved with politics and does not endorse politicians but I wish someone would step forward with a Knights of Columbus pin on their lapel.

What are we to do? It seems that voting with your nose plugged simply allows politicians to continue with the current trends. Why would they change their ways if you as a voter continue to support the paradigm of lesser evils. It is my recommendation that we vote for a true politician that supports us. The argument that the democrats or republicans will win depending on your leanings doesn’t matter. Can you tell the difference between the two? What does it matter if Obama or McCain wins? Outcome is the same…