Ninja Turtle Marketing

I have been thinking a lot lately about devotion and effort. I know what you are thinking, devotion to the law shouldn’t require effort, blah blah blah. When you are in heaven shoot me a little smile but I am still a work in progress.

What stemmed all of this is a desire to create something. From the earliest of days watching TV and reading newspapers we are marketed to. For some reason, to this day if I hear the ninja turtle theme song I still have a strong desire to do my cool dance and go out and buy pizza. Why? It was marketed to me as a youngster.

With marketing so prevalent in our society it is no wonder that we place ourselves in a similar situation as single people. We market ourselves. “I think I will pick a little sweet guy, pinch of living life on the edge, dab of outdoorsy, and a ounce of crazy hair.” It is just a formula now that we throw out to the world as a face to what is really us.

So lately I figured out what it is I am marketing to the world. The conclusion I came to is that I was marketing the exact opposite to the man I really am. I am a geek, Gregorian Chant is on my iPod, Theology books are more interesting than TV, I love running, fast motorcycles make me smile, I don’t watch TV, and most of all, I am happy. There I said it. You see I think the trap we all fall into as young Christians (or fallen Christians) is that we market ourselves to the world around.

It is time to stop playing dress up and move beyond the superficialness we showcase. Stop making yourself “the one” and instead be someone’s “one.”  I have a great hope in my heart that somewhere there is a young lady who would be loving some goofy, geeky, guy like me. I am going to stretch my “being Nick” muscles and workout more with God. Being devoted to Our Lord is happiness enough for me. Showing Him the devotion is showing me that marketing is like fishing with a boot. You might catch something but it isn’t anything you would want.