Workout and Food Log

Let me start by saying I **LOVE** and use the thing (as the name suggests) daily. Recently they added an option to export all your data to spreadsheet. Being the geek I am, I quickly began sorting and plotting the data. I highly recommend you do the same. For me this wasn’t a weight loss plan as much as a weight level plan. I am right where I want to be on the circumference of my waist, 145 pounds @ 29″. Not too small, not too big. Some of the more interesting numbers to come out of all this:

  • I work out 76% of the time, or 5.3 days a week average
  • The average American consumer 3800 calories a day

    • I consume 1624.2 a day not counting workout
    • Net 1154 with workout
  • Days I ate 3800 was zero
    • Highest day was 3700

All of these stats are pretty interesting. I workout a good bit and watch what I eat. Tadda! If you want to see my spreadsheet click here.