Lest we forget…

Sometimes I think we loose sight of what God made all this for. I find it funny when people envision God sitting on high making things for himself to look at. We aren’t his lego set positioned nicely in the living room Cairo cabinet.

With that in mind, today’s Gospel really firms that up. Jesus reminds everyone that the Man isn’t for the Sabbath, the Sabbath is for Man. Not only does this apply to our viewpoints of God, but also reminds me of worship. I have been to and lead Mass schedules that were Man for the Sabbath.

Before I get sound sacreligious, the Mass is always Litrugically correct. Sometimes though we get caught up on the appearance or sound of Mass. Today’s reading reminds us that there is one over riding requirement, Christ and Man. When we sit in Mass this coming Sunday, lest us not forget that it is okay when the candle goes out or the lector misses a sentence. Don’t get caught up on the appearance of Mass but rather that the Mass is for us. 

Today’s Gospel