Technology vs. Water

Laptop on BeachI had begun to write this really long post on why technology was amazing. I am in Pensacola for my Brother’s wedding and took the opportunity to attend a daily meeting on the beach. Growing up I always say the advertisements of business men sitting in a beach chair sipping a drink working virtual. Today was my chance! I walked down to the beach and fired up the sub-notebook (3lbs.), inserted the Verizon broadband card, logged into Webex, hooked bluetooth up to the work blackberry and called into a DC bridgehead. I then pulled the iPhone out and took a few pictures to document the amazingness.


I felt a drop, little at first, almost like the first shot over the shower curtain as the water heats up. Then on my 2500 dollar laptop I Nick in Tiki Hutch after rainsaw a streak of water fall across the webex meeting window. I quickly looked around and saw the dark clouds rolling in. It was at that moment the Achilles heel of technology came up, water. All that technology couldn’t save me from onslaught of God. I ran for a tiki hutch and hung around till it slowed down enough to retreat to the hotel. Here I sit, humbled that unlike my original intent, this post is written from indoors.