What I need Recap 2

needs.jpgIn a fight recently, I wrote down a list of needs. The boat had done sailed by time these were written down but I left them on my fridge (along with what Nick did bad mind you) to remind myself. Then again I said this 3 years ago too. Who knows but I wanted to post them and have this to search back for also. 

  • Together – We do things together, we hold the same line together, we exist together
  • Communication – Can you hear me now?
  • Less Cursing – Yarr Matey I don’t be wantin to date a sailor Yarrr
  • On-Time – Cell Phones, Google Calendar, Watches, no reason to be late for stuff
  • Clean Home – Sexist and old school? Nope! This is how I feel loved
  • Push me to Christ – Last thing I need in my spiritual walk is a boat anchor, sometimes you can’t help but       carry but other times I need a swift kick in the butt
  • Stop Caring for the World – Who gives 2 craps and a cookie what so-and-so down the road thinks?
  • Be here when I get home – Nothing worse than traveling for 2 weeks and someone not be home when you pull up
  • Respect “Our” Decisions – There is a good chance I didn’t want to do something, but it is OUR Decision.       “Hold the line!” as they say in battle
  • Plan with me – If you want to be with me, be with me. That means telling your team what the plan is
  • Share the good/bad – I don’t live in a fairy tale, neither should you. Life sucks sometimes but let me be there with you when it does
  • Tell me about your feelings despite my load – Yep, I am a busy guy and have a lot on my plate. That doesn’t   mean hiding it from me. My one escape is the “us” stuff and I live to be a superman
  • Catholic Family – My family will attend mass and love the sacraments. All of us, all of the time
  • Stay at Home Wife – Oh geez another being sexist! Nope! Our kids deserve the best the world can offer and the best is their Mom. The greatest job is a Mom.