Linux and Skype – NOW WITH VIDEO!

Skype (or ebay) have been killing me for years now. I am a huge Skype user and always loved the video chat option. I have gone back and installed webcams for most of my family in order to keep track of everyone on my crazy travel days. The one issue I had was the conflict of skype and my desire to convert my family to Linux. Skype on Linux was always a second-class citizen. I resorted to using aMSN which worked, albeit on a very poor performance level. Yesterday though I awoke to an excitment I hadn’t seen in months. My RSS feed showed one topic new in the Skype folder. I preemptively booted my Ubuntu laptop and sure enough I was right, video support. After a quick download and install I had video chat on my Linux box. This of course initiated a victory dance. The great thing was the victory dance was captured from 2 different angles thus solidifying my lack of dancing skills for all to see :)

Download here:

Skype Linux Beta</p>

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