Airports and Standby

Let me quickly speak of airports and booking flights. Why in the world would a company book a flight 10 people over. I know 10 doesn’t sound like a lot but on a trip to Huntsville it is a good portion. So now I am sitting here waiting for the flight to come (delayed also BTW) and have started looking around at people…

Standby is a funny state to be in. You begin to scope out people looking for the target. The target as this person will now be called is your scoped target. You sit in the chair gazing around the concourse for who is going to be the one to take your seat…who is the one to be in your way…You take your wallet out and examine just how much you could barter with someone.  Can you use your corporate card as lateral? I am not sure but rest assure I will be looking it up as we get closer to flight boarding. All in all the headache is enormous! I cannot fathom why my company would knowingly place me on a flight like this but know this, I don’t get out on this flight I will be taking the first class option into Atlanta :)