I dislike Delta Airlines

Yep it is true. The story goes like this:

I schedule my flight on Saturday from Huntsville to Fort Walton Beach for a business trip. I am unable to leave on Sunday due to no flights so they stick me on a Saturday flight. No worries. I wake from my nap @ 1400 in order to prepare. I check the flight status only to find the flight has been delayed by 2 hours. That would put me into Atlanta @ 2114 and my next flight takes off @ 2133. RIGHT! Anyone been to Atlanta. So I quickly start making calls only to run into 2 people who don’t speak English. I mean at all. These people could only do hooked-on-phonics from the screen. I recieved the same information over and over again. I hang up and try for time 3 and reach Oneil who puts me in touch with rescheduling. They say it is going to cost me 50 dollars to reschedule. I ask why as it isn’t my fault. The time now is 1540 and she finally gets me off hold to tell me there is a 1545 I could catch from Huntsville. Well I could have, if she and the others spoke English. So now I fly out hoping that I can make it through the gates @ Atlanta in time for my next flight. Wish me well. I hate flying