So life has been pretty crazy lately. I have many many requests from friends and family for where I am. Most of the emails and voice mails start with “Are you still alive? No one has heard from you in ages.” Quick answer is yes, I am in fact still alive. That or my evil twin has in the dark of night replaced me here in Huntsville and hacked my computers password. Wait till my girlfriend finds out! Ericca…RUN!

    A standard day in the life of Nick consists of waking up…work…home…eat…workout…wash rinse and repeat. I am dumping 55+ hours lately working on a great project. This isn’t one of those projects that is fun because of the people involved. No this project is the kind that pushes your mind and challenges you in ways you have never had before. I wake up VERY excited to go into work because I know I am going to leave smarter and a better technician. Although with that said it is wearing down. Thank goodness for Ericca being such a super-supportive girlfriend and bringing that smile to my face after 12 hours straight. I also get the occasional whack to the forehead to stop thinking of networking protocols and architecture. (Thanks Babe!) The project has a purpose that gives me that same warm fuzzy like when I put on a uniform. There is some purpose to this work.

    So work is good. That is really all I can say about it. But other than that there is so much more awesomeness occurring. Ericca and I are having a blast getting to know each other better and soaking up the laughs and company. I write this with a smile. She has been such a blessing. If you wonder why I am not a crazy rabid man after the hours know its because she lets me escape . Right now she has been working hard on her LPC and Doctorate. Mix that with the amazing work she is doing with children and it is enough to make me brag. I use it all the time at work. We have these “Which significant other is cooler” fights. I always win.

    God has continued to bless me. Why? Who the heck knows. I know we are all wretched sinners, but I mean come on, God is amazing. I feel Him just high fiving me and when those times bring me to my knees I feel His presence. Despite being human, He still loves me. Very refreshing. Speaking of the Awesome Guy Upstairs…I bought a new ipod a few weeks ago and have been addicted to podcasts. Podcasts are kind of radio shows you download and it auto-magically puts them on your ipod in the morning. Well there are some amazing podcasts for Christians! I want to share a few because they have been such an uplifting thing to listen to on these long days:

Daily Breakfast – Father Roderick is a young, hip, techie priest from Holland. He is the number one pusher of new media in the Church. This isn’t a deep theological podcast. He loves modern entertainment and talks about his favorite new shows and movies with a very subtle Catholic slant. He loves his new Nintendo Wii and makes videos of his travels. Highly recommend it!

Daily Mass Readings – USCCB has started doing Daily Liturgy. AWESOMENESS! Now I love the Magnificat…don’t get me wrong…but I leave for work with the Liturgy automatically put on every morning and I listen to the readings and response. There is something about listening rather than reading that gives me a different perspective. What is really neat is the people reading are always different. The dialects and twains are different. Way to use that 1.6 Billion pool of candidates to the max Bishops!

Busted Halo Cast – The Priest who runs this is actually who trained me for Young Adult ministry. He started as a MTV producer and still goes on Conan and main stream shows. He is a Paulist and believes in reaching people through media. He uses the technology to the max. (Father Dave is a Mac user so you know he is a cool cat =) The site and podcast are geared to those who are not so much religious as spiritual as they put it. If you are looking for a non-“religious” way of finding out about your Faith…poof…here it is! Very cool site with editorials from people who aren’t Saints. Young adults who struggle. Who can’t relate to that?! BTW – Personal Note – Being religious isn’t a bad thing. Chesterton put it best “Jesus didn’t leave a religion, He left a Church.” Religion’s definition is having a strong belief. Count me in!

So yeppers I love you all. I am so very much sorry for being this missing character. Please know I think of you and as time permits I try to touch base. I pray you are all doing well and look forward to hearing back on your busy lives. God Bless Brothers and Sisters and Family and Pets