Hope to be blind

From beneath the waves of my mind I looked above for a target. My eyes periscope above the waves of control and gazed the road ahead. Instead of staying beneath in the safety of my salvation I look above. I am too scared to surface but rather rest easy in the little taste I give myself. I battle with the devil and his control of my eyes. His one inlet is the greatest tool God has for my safety…my sight…no one can sit on the coast line and see the setting sun and deny the existence of God. No one can climb a mountain and gaze below only to put it to randomness. For all good there is bad, these eyes are what tears a man away from his wife. It can take a loyal devote husband and turn him into the mush of society. It seems that I am in perfect control till the point my wife rips down my walls. If it were not for her persistent desire to ridicule my core, I may stay stronger. Who am I to say it is her fault…for in the end it is my decision. I only beg of my Lord to grace me with his forgiveness and compassion. The forgiveness for the sinner I am and the compassion to fill my heart for my Wife.