Box will fit you well

You were thrown into the room that night,

Awoken from your deep sleep,

Stripped you of your dignity and clothing,

Measured you up for your own keep,

“This box will fit you well” the suited man said,

As he stepped aside to let you see,

“It may look like all the others”,

“But it is yours simply to be”,

As you went from light to dark,

And the suited man closed the lid,

You knew this life was over,

Never again would you be a kid,

Inside your box all alone,

You wept for a soul to hear you,

If only the calls were answered,

That you may have a saving hero,

The carpenter must have been nearby,

His pity drove him to crack the lock,

A hand reached in and grabbed your own,

Pulled you from that well fit box,

He hid you from the others,

Under the radar to the sun you slipped,

As you found your way to the meadows,

The locks on your arms he clipped,

There is hope for you all,

To be removed from your personal Sheol,

For a carpenter to crack the lock,

And show all that there is to feel,

When you have had enough of the darkness,

Cry for a hero nearby lost soul,

I promise that the carpenter is listening,

His compassion is his downfall…