The Sanctity of Life

The Catholic Church is often beat-up for its ardent respect for life, conception till death. Now I hate to bring up what everyone else does with the War in Iraq, but let us look at what has happened there. Iraq is a mostly Muslim country. The Catholic Church has Priests, nuns, brothers, and parishes around the country side. We know for a fact that Priests are being “knocked off” and killed because of their Catholic beliefs. So with all this fresh in your brain let us move forward to Saddam’s trial and verdict of death. What would that Catholic Church do with it’s hemmoraging of life in Iraq, well of course, defend the sanctity of life. I have always wondered what I would do in the face of adversity and if ever faced with the death penalty. I imagined if it would be in my being to forgive someone rather than put them to death for the great attrocity against my family/friends/etc. When I heard a month ago about the Priests being killed in Iraq I was sad and upset. The military in me wanted to pickup a rifle and fix all of this. Yet, as it so often does, the Church showed me something my emotions masked behind the guise of truth. God’s love and law do not just apply to those in our parishes, no, it applies to all. I hope the Church can sway people to allow Saddam to live. Who knows what a loving forgiveness can perform on a man’s heart.