ARRR!! I am a software pirate

And it is easier…I do my best to use opensource software at all times but there are times when I need, specifically, Windows XP. I just purchased a 24″ iMac and have had no problems with any software prohibiting me from actually using the computer. I figured that most of the people I know would be purchasing macs to also run Windows with bootcamp so I better learn it. No problem I thought, I have a pro purchased copy sitting in the closet collecting dust. I need SP2 to do an install so I download all the necessary updates and copy the cd to the drive. Let me actually list the steps for full effect:

1.) Copy contents of CD to drive

2.) Download XP SP2 – First verify you are “genuine”

3.) Microsoft tells me I am not…and the key is good…so I hack past with javascript

4.) Download and extract SP2

5.) Run update.exe with new directory of copied CD

6.) Download ISOBuster to extract Microsoft Corporation.img

7.) mkisofs -with – lots -of -options -to -make iso

8.) Verify it works, it doesn’t

9.) Wash, Rinse, Repeat

So lets play the “What If” game. What if I was a software pirate. Here are the steps

1.) Find torrent for XP SP2 ISO

2.) Found it in 10 seconds on search engine

3.) Realize that it not only has SP2 but all the updates and IE7/WM11 preloaded, cool!

4.) What 1 hour

5.) Burn ISO

Gee thanks for making a REAL customer feel like a worthless pile of crap. So tell me again why this is so difficult for companies to understand?! When you do crap like this it only makes your real customers pissed off.