I am getting an iMac…

Just which one?! I mean really all that seperates them is the following things:

  • 1700 ATI on the 17″/20″ vs 7600GT on the 24″
    • 24″ may have the option of upgrading due to the MXM port
      • Firewire 800 on 24″
        • The screen size obviously I was having a really hard time with the final decision. Is the extra 4″ screen worth 500 dollars?!?!?! Am I just that geeky? Well I found some pictures of a 17,20,24 side-by-side. For the Win…24″ :) LOOK HOW FRICKEN GREAT IT IS! I could surf the internet all the while debugging code on the SAME screen. Even better I could run the 24″ screen with my 35″ LCD Flat Panel TV. I am not sure even if I have that much desk space.