It is all about God and I

I had an interesting topic come up tonight that sparked a need for this post. Someone pointed out to me that it was very tough to have Contemporary Christian music in Mass because it is an direct odds with the Liturgy. Catholic Liturgy is very community driven with things like the Eucharist, Creed, Peace, Our Father, etc. As you can imagine I was very put back by such a line. I have always told people that the Catholic Church could do well to include more of this music in the Liturgy to relate more to the teens. His explanation was that most older hymns and psalms always are sung with words like we, us, ours, and other nouns that describe the communion. If we look at modern Christian music we notice that the community is taken out of it or downplayed. Here are some examples of modern Praise and Worship:

I could sing of your love forever

I can only imagine

Here I am to Worship

Lord I lift your name

This is just a small sample of the many thousands of praise and worship song sung around the world. What became apparent here is what the songs are relaying our relationship with Christ is very personal and internal. Now this is totally in contradiction with scripture. Maybe this is some of the fault of modern Christianity, that instead of focusing on the Church of Believers, we ask about the relationship. The personal relationship is important but not as important as the communion of Believers. Christ didn’t tell us to simply bottle that faith up and share it with no one. Our faith is to be spread and shared with anyone and everyone. When we sin, we not only harm our relationship with God, but with our fellow Brothers and Sisters. There are very few things we do that are simply between God and ourselves, almost always it pertains to the community. My suggestions would be to look at these songs and wonder if “We Could Sing of Your Love Forever” or “Here we are to worship” would really be such an atrocity. For the Catholics reading, imagine praying the Creed using the personal version “I Believe” rather than the “We Believe” we use at mass. I will leave you with this:

Cross - Community.png