White and Nerdy Music Video

White and Nerdy by Wierd Al!

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My Dad and I have rims that are stationary :) Hope your class enjoys Dad…BUT with that said there are a few problems with his video:

“I’m a whiz at Minesweeper, I could play for days…” He is playing the Windows 95 version of Minesweeper on MacOS 10.4. Big mistake Wierd Al! All white nerds know that windows is a big edian architecture while MacOSX is hybrid little edian. Unless he is running Darwine (not evident by the widget style of the software) it is a doctored frame.

“People begging for myspace top 8 spaces” If you pause the frame you can clearly see he only has 27 friends. Also for a pimped out myspace page it looks pretty much default. I call foul, I think Weird Al maybe friendless.

“Fluent in Javascript as well as Klingnon” To be fair, Javascript it a subset of a language, Java, not a full programming language. So it should be “Fluent in Java with a subset in scripting as well as Klingnon.” Guess it doesn’t rhyme as well…

So I would wager that Weird Al is white, but nerdy…hmmm…Before I get an email from someone I know it was a joke. Close your outlook window guys and gals.