Living life to the fullest

I am strangely disturbed at people saying this in response to a description of themselves. I think it maybe popular cliche to say that. I just don’t imagine this person sky diving every single day of their lives. Never sleeping in order to catch one more race. I wonder if it is the people “living life period” that really have what we are wanting. I want to be like that person who wakes up happy with a smile on their face. Maybe it is okay to have days of normalcy. There is a lot of comfort in the repetition of things at times. I am not sure if the things that make my life special would be just that if they were surrounded by one death defying act after another. I find God is usually speaking to me the most when I am quiet and just listening. God seems to speak to me most when I am ironing or running down the road for a few miles. Maybe living life to the fullest should be just be living me life. I think the simple act of waking up and crossing yourself for the day, that is to the fullest. A tool for God.