OTC Plan-B Morning After Abortion


Hey here is a pill to correct that boo-boo you made last night. What kills me about this is that no one has any responsibility. I can push aside my Catholic views on this simply to speak of social justices. What does this say to our young women who are having unprotected sex with strangers? “Honey it is okay, now you run along and take this pill.” *\*Newsflash** Pill may kill baby, but not that strain of HIV you just got. I love Wendy Wright of Concerned Women of America – “OTC access to the morning-after pill does not cut the number of pregnancies or abortions,” stated Miss Wright. “Just the opposite. In fact, Scotland made the morning-after pill non-prescription in 1999 and in 2005 the country reported its highest number of abortions since abortion was decriminalized in 1967. Countries that make the morning-after pill easy to access show no drop in pregnancies or abortions, but they do experience skyrocketing rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Common sense and care for women – especially minor girls – requires medical oversight of this drug. The FDA needs to stop playing games with women’s lives.”