I am so abundantly blessed it is amazing. Off I goto Huntsville Alabama to work for Boeing doing Linux Administration. I leave Biloxi on the 1 year anniversary of Katrina, 29 August. I will be sad to leave the coast and all the amazing friends from past and present. This year post-Katrina has been a time of growing and renewal for me both spiritually and personally. I am teared up thinking of the amazing works God has used my hands for and the people who have held those hands as I trembled in rough waters. Timing is everything they say and moving here most certainly was. With the support of my amazing Parents and Brother, the past year has been one of joy and smiles. I love you guys. Friends and my “Family” at church have truly been the embodiment of Christ as I fell to my knees. I will be packing up the Mini-Dog and Cooper here shortly and getting ready to move. I hope to share a great dinner with everyone before leaving. Thank you so much for all your heartfelt prayers. Please continue! As always my home is yours, so feel free to stop by up North if you need to escape a storm :)