The World I Know

Collective Soul – The World I Know

The song rocks. I am not sure if it is the technicolor hook or what but the pain in his voice hits me every time. People relate it to suicide and deciding that life is just good enough. Maybe as a Christian I see it other ways:

<br /> Has our conscience shown?<br /> Has the sweet breeze blown?<br /> Has all the kindness gone?<br /> Hope still lingers on.<br />

To me this sounds a lot like when I realized that God could make good in everything. That through all the evil and crapiness there was hope in God.

<br /> Are we listening<br /> To hymns of offering?<br /> Have we eyes to see<br /> That love is gathering?<br /> All the words that I've been reading<br /> Have now started the act of bleeding<br /> Into one.<br />

God is Love. God is also the One Word (John 1:1) Coincidence?

<br /> So I walk up on high<br /> And I step to the edge<br /> To see my world below.<br /> And I laugh at myself<br /> As the tears roll down.<br /> 'Cause it's the world I know.<br /> It's the world I know.<br />

This made me chuckle because I wrote a poem a few years ago about running to the edge of a cliff. It may have been a subconscious groupie moment, I am not sure. All the same to me this is the writer realizing that this is the World we know, but not the one we belong or fit into.

That is all…speak among yourselves.