Priorities in Life

I wanted to take this time of inward criticism to reevaluate my list in life. Many years ago my father sat me down and told me that until you put your priorities in life down, they mean nothing. When you think about them and just put them in your head your mind can talk itself out of standing firm for the tough ones. It occurred to me in the recent shakeups in my life that it has been 5 years since I created my first true list. I was weeks away from joining the military and about to join the adults of society. I wrote these as a military man approaching the inevitable deployment to war. I wrote these as a man looking for his wife. I wrote these as a boy uneasy of what being a man meant. For 5 years they have been nestled in the inner most pocket of my wallet. There to be drawn out for those tough times when only the words and God could guide me. Without further ado:

  • God
  • Family
  • Happiness
  • A rock as head of the household
  • Provider for those I care for
  • Being a good person
  • Shooting for the moon
  • Living a life of honor
  • Friendships with others
  • Military Career
  • Living within my means
  • Pushing aside my pride
  • Being young at heart

I wanted to quickly look back at the 5 years of my life and compare what is on paper to what was lived:

  • God – I sure tried Lord. I am just simply a sinner. I think though that I have done good work for His kingdom as a youth/young adult minister. I have been richly blessed when God truly was my #1.
  • Family – Tears have been shed on my behalf. This one wasn’t truly realized or filled till after my divorce. It was then I understood what family meant. Honor your mother and father, I really think I do.
  • Happiness – This in hindsight is a selfish one. There certainly have been happy times in my life. Overall I believe that 90% of my days have been with a smile.
  • A rock as head of the household – I dropped the ball a lot as a married man here. Not to say I was a bad husband, but to say I was a Christian Husband was questionable. It was too late before I realized this and made those changes.
  • Provider for those I care for – Oscar seems healthy :)
  • Being a good person – I am a sinner…good is debatable. I saw a sig. line on a forum, it read “Humble but Struggling.” I would say that is a good representation of my feelings.
  • Shooting for the moon – I certainly have had the ego the size of the moon. Maybe I should try shooting for Topeka to bring down the old head size. I think this is a byproduct of everyone refereeing to me as golden boy and young wonder. “Those who humble themselves will be exalted and those who exalt themselves will be humbled.” Ouch
  • Living a life of honor – This is only for the world to tell me.
  • Friendships with others – I would like to think I have treated my friends well. I am sure there are moments I have been a jerk, more recent things come to mind, but overall I have strive to think of others. Especially those close to me. My apologies if you are reading this and I have not
  • Military Career – While I was in I did very well for myself. I didn’t live to work by choice, but the memories and lessons learned will certainly allow me to work to live in the future.
  • Living within my means – This I have done VERY well with :) Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am very frugal. The bumper sticker on my 1997 Saturn, no hubcaps, 160k miles sums it up best: “Don’t let the car fool you, my treasure is in heaven”
  • Pushing aside my pride – Blew it bad.
  • Being young at heart – I never would be accused of being old at heart. It is God’s abundant joy pouring from my soul that allows me to be joyful in the worse of times. Thank you Lord for allowing me to never tick a day past 10.

This is a big day because you are going to get a sneak peek at the new list. I think it is time to reevaluate my life and put on paper (and web) what is important to me. Here we go!

  • God
  • Family
  • A Good Steward of my Faith
  • Being humble
  • Living within my means – to include tithing and investing
  • A lighthouse of Christ
  • Patience in everything
  • Think before I speak
  • Respect my brothers and sisters more openly
  • Be still and listen
  • Love always