DS Lite Loving

I broke down ladies and gentlemen. For months I have been working hard now on my GP2x from Korea. While the device runs linux and many emulators well it lacked the personality and playability as a DS. Yet I held of for 2 very key moments in the DS lifespan:

  • DS Lite
  • Mario

Having now played both and compared them to the GP2x I have the following things to say!

  • The DS kicks the butt of GP2x in battery life by measures of 2x. I love being able to close the lid and watch the DS go to sleep. Makes Mario so much more enjoyable
  • The DS Lite screen is gorgeous. Wait, let me rephrase that, the BEST EVAR! I squint because it is so bright :)
  • Mario and Brain Age remind me of why I loved my gameboys and nintendo. Great gameplay beats out frills and graphics everytime.
  • GP2x gets you in the homebrew scene much quicker. Loading NES and Sega on a GP2x takes minutes and no additional hardware. The DS will run you about 200 dollars to get started after buying your DS.
  • How is the SNES on a 66MHz DS faster than a dual cpu linux device running @ 222 MHz?