Abortion – 1973

Sometimes as a society we become caught up in the social justice fights of our day. During these very passionate moments, I think we sometimes forget how long the fight has be going on. This isn’t something we started last month…year…decade…Directly following Roe vs. Wade, these comic books were published to glorify and condem the outcome. Read “Abortion Eve” first to see the liberal view and then take a look at “Who Killed Junior?” to match up the times. Abortion Eve leaves out that at 3 months the baby is ticklish and has fingerprints. Kade pointed out her favorite line “…its not YOUR body…its the BABY’s body…”

<a href="http://www.ep.tc/eve/" target=_blank>Abortion Eve
Abortion Eve</a></p>

<a href="http://www.ep.tc/junior/" target=_blank>Who Killed Junior?
Who Killed Junior?</a>


I think as a society it is time to stop the mistakes of our parents and fix the problems of the past. Lord we pray for all the souls of the children murdered for the sake of “convenience