Word of the Day

I really dislike the word of the day from dictionary.com because I feel dumb. In my mind I am trying to understand who uses these words or at least opens their homepage and with a pompous tone “Oh yes, consanguineous, I learned this word in kingergarten.”

This morning though, I felt very smart. The word of the day is as follows:

genuflect \JEN-yuh-flekt\, intransitive verb:

  1. To bend the knee or touch one knee to the ground, as in worship.
  1. To be servilely respectful or obedient; to grovel.

Thanks to my wonderful Catholic, Vatican Loving, Pope High Fiving, Altar Serving upbringing I knew this word. I think I will use it many many times today just to be sure that everyone else learns it to.


The theologian liturgist inside of me has to say it because it really is something I don’t think most realize. You only genuflect in a Catholic Church when the tabernacle is visible and the candle/light is on. Otherwise you simply bow slightly. The whole military chapel can throw people off who come from great big chapels at home. Just a heads up :)