2 Things this Morning

1.) I hate being sick. So rarely is it an issue for me that when these unfortunate events happen it really kicks me in the ribs. I am on the trailing edge of this cold though. I can’t wait to be running again as it has been a week now. I feel bloated and I have a headache. Maybe I am just PMSing *duck* :)

2.) I hearby state that I will try my hardest to join in the joyous Sacrament of Confession once a week now. As many of my close friends know, I struggle with this sacrament. Struggle is an understatement to be honest. I tried my hardest to negate the teaching. In my theologian brain I decided that I could not support it. The problem was that “I” couldn’t support it. No where did I say the “Bible” didn’t support it. That was the big problem. It was simple math really. Let me try to explain:

A=Nick belives in Christ

B=Christ’s teachings are outlined in the Bible

C=The Bible is God’s loving law


If A=B and B=C then A=C

Which means that if I profess Christ as my Savoir. I believe the Bible is the Lord’s teachings. Then I must follow the Bible however uncomfy or painful it is at times. I plan on writing up an Apologetics response to confession because if there was anyone who tried to squirm their way out of it, that was me. I have a good perspective on it :) God Bless!