Day 1 — Morning

Good Morning to All!

We are all getting ready to meet downstairs in the lobby. TLF here is a little on the interesting side for an old Air Force guy. I will say this: “Made the Right Choice.” I think Air Force recruiters should just swing people interested in the service over to a Marine Base to seal the deal. Sheesh. I will take some pictures of my room and such. The good news is that if I am going to be sharing a living area with anyone *keeping in mind this is officer quarters* it might as well be Kris. Our plan ride in was pretty eventful. After a 1 hour delay at Atlanta for pilots, 1 hour delay for taxing, 2 hour delay in air, it made for a very long flight. Luckily we had river dancers. More on this later…

Pavel picked us up from the airport right now on time despite the hassles. The ride from the airport to base was about 45 minutes but filled with discussions of faith. Pavel seems like a very cool guy with a broad background in the church. Always a bonus for someone doing young adult ministry I would say.

Julien and I were the last to arrive and make our way to rooms last night. We finally got into lodging around midnight after a long day. Note to self, next time don’t work in the morning before traveling. Our lodging sits directly on the bay and beach on base that I have yet to get a good look at. It was dark and I forgot my night vision goggles in the car. Whoops. I will be taking pictures to give everyone an idea of where we are staying for the next few days.

Well for the morning post this will have to do. Kris just rolled his happy butt out of bed and we need to get going. I stand corrected, he was talking to the little lady. Have a great day, God Bless,

In Christ — Nick