Heading to San Diego

I am heading out to San Diego for a Catholics Seeking Christ(CSC) Conference. I find the name funny because I would hope all Catholics were seeking Christ :) Kris, Julien, and myself will be out there till Friday. I have decided to keep a blog journal each day to give everyone an idea about the programs and training Military Archdiocese is offering. I am excited about going to meet the faces from emails and to spend some time building our core group closer. I have Mom and Dad’s camera so keep your eyes peeled for pictures. Popple *Dan specifically* lives in the San Diego area, so we are possibly going to meet up for a BBQ while we are there. I am praying that this really lights a flame under me to get my butt back in gear. Over the past few months with everything going on I have lost the drive. Please keep us all in your prayers as we go to become better ministers of God’s Children.