Stations of the Cross — Literally

I recieved some 1950/60’s-ish stations of the cross pictures. It is an odd mix of art as you can tell the artist didn’t paint in a decor standard to the times of Jesus but rather mixed it with a roman/greek feel. Really odd and different. They really arent stations of the cross in the sense of they aren’t crosses. From a liturgical standpoint thats a no-no. So what to do with them? I thought maybe set them in order down the hallway but realized it wouldn’t work well. Then I had a great idea or so I thought so take it what its worth to put them in the shape of a cross. I could fill an entire wall that way. How cool would that be?! So I did what any geek would do, put them into scale and import the specs into a CAD program :) Below are the options, what do you think? Which is better?

Option 1Option 1
Option 2Option 2
Option 3Option 3
Option 4Option 4
Option 5Option 5
Option 6Option 6

Personally I really like Option 1 and 4. Option 1 is nice because it will be easy to line everything up on a wall and 4 because I will just have Kade do it ;) What ya think?

EDIT: Here are pictures of what they look like per request of MySpace Catholic Connect Group!

Stations of the Cross 3</p>

Stations of the Cross 2

Stations of the Cross