Jr. High

Some people call Jr. High yearbooks humiliating. I call them perspective makers. I look back at the pictures and remember all the concerns I had in life and how important everything seemed. I couldn’t help but look into the eyes of these kids and wonder where they are now. Having been a military brat, I am fortunate enough to still know a few of them. But for the most part I have lost touch. What I wanted to do was share with everyone what people said about Nick and share with you what I take from it now. I want everyone to keep in mind that this was years ago, close to a decade. I want to explore what would have happened had I listened to my peers. A little background information, I had been working for a computer company for 2 years at this point. I was the new kid from a year ago and just making some friends. I played basketball and baseball and would imagine I was cocky to say the least. Humility is something I wasn’t capable of at this point in life because of my fear of being so alone in this new country. Okay off we go!

From Nadja“You are such a nerd. Thanks for being a good friend.”

Yeah this will be something you read a lot of. I was a nerd. This was way before it was cool to be a nerd. I missed that boat. Looking back I hope I truly was a good friend to her. I remember fixing her Apple Performa 650 running MacOS 8.5. Wow…I remembered that…not much of

her…but her computer. She is right, I was such a nerd.

From Mr. Martz – “Work hard and you’ll go far. Thanks for allowing me to give you a hard time in class. Do your work.”

Well at least it wasn’t just my classmates giving me a hard time. Consistency is the spice of life. This teacher really dug in the nails and I took it. Jokes on him, I became best-friends with his daughter years later and lived at his house at which point I was able to annoy the hell out of him. And his advice didn’t help, I still don’t do homework.

From Erica – _“hey computer nerd. Wassup?! You were a great help in Algerbra”


I wonder when people say “wassup” if they expect a rhetorical response into the great beyond. For example I read this tonight at dinner with just my dog and I and I yelled out “NOT TOO MUCH ERICA.” Darn you Erica, for eternity I will attempt to answer your question upon reading this page.

From Malia – She reserved a whole page and wrote 2 sentences. “Hey whats up? Nothing much here just chilling in the gym. Thanks for being there for me”

Now I like this one even though uncontrollably I yelled out “NOT TOO MUCH MALIA” much in the same wild manner as with Erica’s. My neighbors must think I have an infinite amount of roommates or I am just crazy. Either way I am glad Malia felt I was there for her. I really think I hadn’t turned my back on God totally here and was able to be a good guy.

From Danielle – _“You are a nerd. I hope your ego doesn’t get n-e-more inflated. Valley Girl”


This was called on as I gave this girl a hard time. I think it may have something to do with her friends and her tormenting me because I worked at a computer company. Here let me get her friend on here for the full effect of group dynamic.

From Sarah – _“Samehir about your ego – aka head. trust me, stick with b-ball.”


These girls are right. I should have stopped working and pursued a career in basketball. Maybe then I could grow up and be happy. I guess working and being passionate about a love in my life was a bad thing. I wonder now if these girls have personal ads online: Looking for a timid full time basketball player who spells funny. These 2 aren’t on myspace, but I wonder if a quick eharmony search for that last line will turn them up.

From Stephanie“You’re a true computer NERD! Don’t stay that way try 2 change. You’re a jacka**. C-ya when I c-ya.”

Phew! Thanks Stephanie. Just think of how bad my life would be now if I had stayed with her advice and gave up this nerd thing…oh wait…I hope she isn’t this critical to all nerds anymore. And Stephanie you are right, I will see you when you see me. Unless I duck behind a car and I

see you but don’t see me. HA! Take that deep 1-liner from Jr. High. See me when you see me…only if you are lucky…I grew up to be a Ninja Nerd!

From Amanda“Nickers, Hey your my favorite undies. That’s all + other indoor sports”

This girl was simply one of the coolest real people I knew back then. She is the one who coined Nickers, a name that still is in use on my online identities…the story is still top secret. All the same I still do love indoor sports. Man she was spot on. In fact I am going to finish

this and then meet my indoor badminton club for tea and crumpets.

From Carley“Okay Big Head your kids will have Big Heads.”

I need to let my future wife in on this one. Our children are doomed to have overly large noggins. Carley if you read this and I have big headed kids, I will find you and thank you for this curse.

From Anthony – _“Computer Nerd. You’re pretty cool…not”


This coming from the kid who was 4’11” in the 8th grade. He was a really good guy but I was bad shape when the guy who couldn’t ride the theme park rides was kicking me in the ribs with that line in a yearbook.

So I am really glad I stuck to my guns and trudged on with life. I think in a lot of ways we are so scared of anything different in school that we attack it for fear of revealing our own deficiencies. I look back with a smile on those times. Just a year later I was in the “in crowd” and loving life. I wonder if I got better at hiding my nerdness or I just succumb to my fears and molded into the teeny bopper society. I hope none of this sounds mean from these people. I wish them all the best and understand that we were all hormonal little mini-adults. You are all in my prayers and hope you are doing great in life. But thank you for not actually having an impression on me. My beacon score and happiness thank you.

God Bless — Nick


For my Jr. High Graduation that year I received the very first “Computer Nerd of the Year” award at Bitburg Middle School. It was a special award created for me. I hope the lineage still holds strong with fellow nerds following behind me! These kids will be people’s bosses in 10 years.