Start of a new day!

I am going to start posting more often I think. I am a horrible person for posting once every thousand years but such is the life of a single computer guy. I have sidewinder 5.2.1 running in VMWare which is just about the coolest thing since I got Windows 1.0 running in VMWare. If anything I feel I have no reached a point where I can get a cookie for my hard work. Yep, just a cookie. I have yet to victory dance to this accomplishment so stay tuned in as I am sure it will come.

Spirtually I am down. I am attempting to talk to my Lord more often and pray more deeply, but to be honest I am tired. I really think this trip to Tampa and the subsequent trip up here will help greatly in my spirtual walk. Lord please bless all of us with your Grace. Allow me to be in constant communion with your peace and love. Please show me the devout life for which you call me and make that path clear. Please use me as your tool and make me in the image of the man you desire. In Christ, Amen.