Once More

I have nerves worse today,

Then before I said “I do”

Maybe because instead of a hello,

This is a goodbye to you,

Take me back in a time machine,

So I can replay in slow motion,

When things went from amazing,

To cold, hard, hateful emotion,

What were you thinking,

When you laid in bed with him?

Was it about the fake love?

Or your young husband; tall and slim?

I can only imagine how odd it is,

To go from 21 to 37,

A young buck of life,

To an old English devon,

I hope this is final,

For the book is already shut,

Don’t bother remembering me,

This man has had more than enough,

I thought the world of you,

And maybe for a moment you did of me,

To bad I wasn’t enough,

For your big wandering eyes to see,

I thank you on behalf,

Of the women around the world,

And for the children I one day,

Will pickup with glee and twirl,

Remember back to this day,

When you looked at this poor man,

Spit in his face with anger,

And let go of his trembling hand,

All I can do for you now is pray,

Poor woman I fear for your life,

I can only imagine the pain,

And the feel of that sharp knife,

Though you threw my things,

Out of our home,

Know that in my place,

Jesus never leaves you alone,

Turn to Him when it hits,

That I wasn’t such a bad guy,

Let the angels come upon you,

And your worries with them fly,

I picked up this pen to spite you,

To make sure you knew my anger,

Till I realized quickly,

In this there was much danger,

Tonight I will pray a rosary for you,

For us both to come closer to Christ,

That through your stormy oceans,

One day you can see His light,

Goodbye forever dear woman,

May I never hear your voice again,

I hope only for salvation,

For the thoughts I have are surely a sin,

Lord forgive me for this poem,

And the anger for which I wrote,

Let forever the Spirit guide me,

For all the words I spoke…