No return necessary

in the faces of those i pass by,

on the streets or in my car,

its you i see here and there,

your image never very far,

i buried you within my subconscious,

hid you behind my fears,

i wish you would have stayed there,

if only not washed away by my tears,

go away already,

I do not want you anymore,

i left you in my past,

slammed close that old wooden door,

for so many months i linked,

my pain and your horrid ways,

now i can not help but be happy,

and link them to our happy days,

i wrote you a letter,

letting you know i didn’t want you back,

just that i have now,

forgotten everything i thought you lacked,

sleep easy in your world of happiness,

i will dream easy in mine,

knowing that when i awaken,

everything will be just fine…