How do you know?

For all my brothers there tonight at CYAG, I wanted to post a few things you gave me. I know its not often that the minister is ministered to, but tonight was amazing. The words the spirit fed through you truly touched me. Here is what really got me:

  • In wondering about how do you know she/he is the one? Is that person your most perfect example of Christ in your life? When you close your eyes and pray, is that the person who you associate with God’s Love? AWESOME!
  • Does this person push you to be a stronger Christian? What I mean is in your relationship does this person hold you accountable? Does the person support you and help you up when you fall in your journey? So boys and girls, that is the new benchmark. I hope you push your bar up this high too. As Christians, we deserve nothing less than Ephesians 5:22-24 and 1 Corinthians 4-13.

In Christ — Nick