What I need…

When awhile ago I was going through some rough times, Father Tim suggested I write down what it is I needed, not wanted, from a spouse. The fruits of this discussion will follow below:

  • I need love from my wife
  • I need partnership
  • I need a Christian Woman
  • I need intimacy
  • I need for my wife to yearn for me
  • I need for my wife to respect me
  • I need for my wife to be close to me
  • I need only to be second to God
  • I need to be WAY far above her career in the priority list
  • I need a love that is emotional and lasting, not looking for puppy love
  • I need an Ephesians 5:22 wife
  • I need to be with someone who respects and betters my Christian journey
  • I need a wife with me by my side at church
  • I need a One Flesh, One Body, One Soul…
  • I need stability; a set of priorities and rules in life that bind us and not separate
  • I am and will never be an emotional ping-pong ball. Love isn’t something that changes, it is everlasting. Love doesn’t come and go. So that is what Nick needs from a soul mate. These are set in stone…binding…