2 things the spirit gave me today…

So the spirit is alive and well! God truly does work mysteriously through us sometimes. Two things came to me today. Thought I would share (if I didn’t then the spirit didn’t work too well eh?)

1.) Craftsman Salvation: Today it occurred to me that my salvation was much like Sears. Jesus is the smart craftsman behind the counter and I come in with my broken screwdriver. He looks at me and with no questions asked hands me a new one and asks me to use it more carefully. I smile and realize I won’t use the screwdriver as a chisel anymore. The whole thing is just like Christ’s love for me. He will always be standing behind that counter ready to give me the tools to continue on with His work. I can only hope to be a quality screwdriver.

2.) A good friend told me she desired to have that excitement when she first met Christ. I told her that I agree…I want to feel the same away about my teeth. You see when I was little I was so excited about my teeth because as they fell out I KNEW that the tooth fairy would come. It was such an exciting moment. As I got older I soon realized that it was my parents that was the source of that excitement. What happened was that I realized the excitement was just an emotion that came and went with my teeth. I no longer get excited about my teeth but take a great joy from the everlasting love my parents provide me. Loving God isn’t an emotion.

So yeah the spirit must have been really concentrating on me :) Good! I am just a broken sinner…burn inside me God!