For all the emails and questions

Hello Everyone!

I think I have received more emails and calls over the past few days than ever before. Its awesome to hear from everyone and refreshing to know that the world over there are people who care enough to ask. On that note though, I am going to post this once and for all and you guys can all read it….

As most of you know I am going through a divorce right now. Hard to believe i know…I never expected to be here myself. So what happened right? What happened was I was cheated on. I will not go into the specifics but that is what happened. I can’t describe what the feeling or pain is like but just know its bad Those are all the details needed. I do not want to be vindictive or mean. As a Christian man I am not called to be either. I still very much care for her and wish her the best. She will still be apart of my prayers at night.

And that boys and girls is how just days after finding out I can write this with great joy and grace. It truly is a blessing from God that I am able to smile everyday. Unlike my wife, I am surrounded down here by great friends and family. I look back and realize that i should never have had this job, never should have met Kris and started ministry, never got into an apartment right next to my Priest, and never been lucky enough to be blessed with such great support in my life. If you can’t see God at work I don’t know what it would take. And that is why I feel sad for my Wife. For those of you who know what I am talking about, I am filled with an uncanny sense of love and compassion. Don’t think this is of my doing, know that this is purely the spirit alive and well in me. So what I ask of all of you is prayer…pray for my family as they too hurt. Pray for my friends as they must also be strained by simply fact of knowing me. Pray for her family as it too must be a shock and pain. Most of all pray for her. Maybe this will be the one time that she truly turns to the Lord and accepts his forgiveness. If by me attempting to live my life as a Good Christian man she finds the peace…then it won’t be in vein. Thank you everyone…God Bless and once again thank you for you love and support.

— Nick