At what point Lord did I loose sight of the day? I find myself trudging through this Christmas season in total disregard for your birth. I find myself passing the lights and the debris Katrina left and wondering where I lost my sense of hope. It is as if time has stood still since August 29th and I as a person have no longer progressed. Lord where did I loose sight?

Tonight as I ran the streets of the sub division I saw you. I saw you in the yard of the family with no roof. I saw you in the porch of a house that has nothing else. Lord I saw you perched near the door of a trailer that stands where the playground once did. I saw you in a manager. As my feet pounded the road in a progressively faster pace I saw you there. Quietly I made the Sign of the Cross in adoration for your birth. Each Nativity Scene I saw I made the Sign. A baby. Lord I have seen you in the eyes of those around me. Even in the morning I glimpse inside and can see you there…although the flame doesn’t burn so bright. This Christmas I may not feel the spirit of the holidays with Family and Friends but I have not forgotten you. You came from the cradle and left on a cross. Lord, for that, everyday I will remember you. Not just on the 25th of December.