Rhetorical Question

The suggestions flow much easier from your lips now. I wonder if they have already spilled the fabled words of “we need to stop.” I wish I could steal you from that place so far away. Kidnap you back into my arms and pull you from the world that holds you captive. I am afraid that if that line has been crossed you will be damaged to me. I can’t take the damaged goods back into my home.

What made you wake up and change my world. Don’t you realize this is bigger than you? You talk to me about your day and what you ate. The next sentence is you think about divorce. Is this the dessert to the dinner of your evening? Stop and step back from the edge of insanity. Reason is pulling on your arm. Lean Back.

Should I ask? Do I really want to know? Jesus calls me to sacrifice it all for my family, what if my family is the one forcing me away from Jesus? Christ called me a whore, told me that if He is the groom I do nothing more than put on the dress and run. If he can forgive such blatant disregard for His love, can I be Christ like in that sense?