Does the dog know?

I wonder if the dog knows,

That the world is falling apart,

His ears once graced two owners,

Now we are down to just one heart,

I wonder if he knows that soon,

He will be no longer mine,

Along with the car and house,

I will have to fall in line,

It isn’t the possessions,

That mean a single thing,

No for me its the songs to you,

The ones I will no longer sing,

For me its the evening walks,

Together hand in hand,

For me its the phone calls,

Time passing like wind blown sand,

Now the phone calls are less easy,

And the time is very short,

Like the sailor on his voyage,

In and out of port,

I have sat back and watched it,

You have slowly self destruct,

A hundred miles an hour forward,

Quickly running out of luck,

The times I have sacrificed,

You throw back in my face,

Tell me it was my decision,

Pretend it wasn’t part of your case,

I don’t know what to tell you,

I sit and take the punishment,

Here I sit 10000 miles away,

Alone in this one man stint,

Tonight once again I will pray,

For you and I both,

That maybe we can together,

Remember that sacred oath,

I can’t fight for us both,

When you watch me fight alone,

Your words are like sharp daggers,

And your heart solid stone,

Love come back to me,

My arms are opened wide,

I am ready for us to make it,

Ready for pain to subside,

This maybe a hopeless act,

Your mind may already be there,

I guess I will sit here alone,

Your pictures and letters to tear,

I have cried too much for a man,

But will surely cry more tears,

Never would I have imagined,

This would be my worse fear,

Sleep easy tonight my love,

For the day will soon be new,

If only the sun would shine here,

And my wakeup would be to you,