Tired of Asking

I am tired of having to ask,

Whether you will be here or not,

You are my wife,

I deserve better than that,

I hate to ask you for your time,

I feel I am obliged to get receive,

You are married to me,

Not to the the military,

I feel like you are holding out,

On everything you have inside,

Afraid I am to low to get it,

To low to fully understand and abide,

Well I can’t take this wind anymore,

The direction changes too much,

One morning you want breakfast,

The other only Lunch…

My life isn’t a buffet table,

that you casually decide in passing,

I deserve to be the main course,

Not some toy you are amassing,

I may not have always been the man,

You deserved to love you,

Let it go babe,

I am trying to make it new,

Just let me know if its over,

So I can get over this hump,

Say the words so I can admit,

I was second place in the dump,

I won’t look back in regret,

The run was pretty strong,

If only you had some stamina,

It may have gone long,