Yellow Motorcycle

I jumped on my yellow motorcycle this morning for a ride to waste away some time. My favorite direction to go when riding is away…away from the city and cars. I love to ride through the country where the cows outnumber the people and the only lines are the ones between corn stalks. I find that in this place I have no desire to push my motorcycle to its limits as I do on city roads. In the country my heart and soul slow down to keep pace with the birds coasting on the heat of summer air. Here I am not concerned with taking my racing bike around corners at blistering speeds to catch the next racer, but rather slow down to take in what the trees have hidden around the bend. In the country I feel close to God. If I were to imagine the Lord’s home and the Devil’s, it would be the country and the city. In the city I am rushed along not in control of the road around my motorcycle. I am at the mercy of the cars and trucks passing me by and cutting into my lane. It is in the country that the road is simply a way to peace. If I pass one car on my way to the end of fields it would have been a busy day. I jumped on my yellow motorcycle this morning for a ride to waste time, instead I came home spiritually replenished and at peace with my soul. I regretfully jumped off that yellow motorcycle hours later.

Yellow Honda VFR800