If your eye sins; remove

I would rip you from the sockets,

If it meant the sin would leave,

I would poke at you with bayonets,

If it meant you’d leave me be,

The source of such discovery,

Is also the bane of my desire,

To see the ocean one moment,

The next the flames of hellish fire,

Lustful explorers they are,

As they prance from edge to edge,

Only time they rest is at night,

Laying, weeping, in my bed,

“The spirit is strong” Paul says,

“But the flesh is weak”,

The tone in his voice is one of pain,

Desperation hidden in the words he speaks,

The one redeeming quality,

Is that I pray and strive for purity,

Ask to the Lord to make me strong,

Forgive me for preaching hypocrisy,

Thank you Lord for the Spirit,

It is all that shields me these days,

Instead of succumbing to the sin,

I in pain hold it at bay…