Thanks for the call

The rain and thunder poured down,

Upon my blood drenched face,

Car flipped over twice in the ditch,

Threw me into this muddy place,

Headlights swerved into my view,

Occupants rushed over to catch a glimpse,

They were blocking my view of the sky,

What I saw I attempted to make some sense,

“Quick call for a doctor!” she squawked out,

As the cell phones flipped in unison,

The angel sat at my broken feet,

Asked me how things had been,

“I was just praying for a visit.”

“Think you could send the man from Gailee?”

The angel looked over at my body,

“I’ll make some calls and we’ll see”

He drifted over to a quiet spot,

Made some calls to the guy above,

I closed my eyes in wretched pain,

And prayed for an ounce of God’s love,

The angel appeared next to me,

His hand placed upon my heart,

Told me it was time to go,

Placed my broken body on the cart,

“No worries young man

Life isn’t about this place

You are heading to somewhere new,

You served your master great”

With that the clouds opened up,

And the rain poured down like waterfalls,

I felt my breathe escape me,

Thankful for the angel’s calls,