Revolving Door

I can’t say the words

They hurt to much to even think,

I wonder if these will be the last,

That finally shove us over the brink,

You have played with my heart,

We have gone to far,

I can’t take this anymore,

Stuck in the emotional revolving door,

Let me go and say its done,

I feel I am holding on to the end,

The chances have been there,

To let you try and start over again,

I weep at night at the thought of it,

The night will be so lonely,

But at least I know that in my solitary,

At least it will be my love only,

Now its a question of morality,

Are you still truly mine alone,

I wonder all the times you don’t call,

Are you out with a wannabe clone?

I debate whether tonight I will answer,

As the phone rings once or twice,

Will I have the strength to carry on,

Or just end this horrid life,

I pray to God every minute,

To give me peace in my soul,

Take what pain I have inside,

Fill the spot you left a hole,

I deserve better than this,

If only I could convince myself to give it,

To someone other than you,

Will my heart even permit?