Military Boy

Everyday I wake up and put on the green,

The uniform of a military man,

I go to work and do my job,

So the same you too can,

Far away from the soil here,

My brothers fall and die,

Tho I do not know their names,

I occasionally do sadly cry,

Each of my fallen brothers,

not only gave his life for you,

He made sure that today i am here,

my life still anew,

My mother and my father thank you,

For their little boy still phones,

My wife doesn’t stay awake at night,

Dreaming of burying my bones,

Tonight my little boy rests easy,

knowing tomorrow dad will play ball,

the dog awaits his walk with me,

anxious to hear my happy call,

my family around the world is happy,

knowing that tears will not drop,

that their fears and anxieties,

can all but almost stop,

but mostly brother i envy you,

yes i envy you in death,

for you gave the ultimate,

leaving behind all that is left,

as they bury your body in the ground,

i will look to the sky above,

know that as my brother,

i offer you all of my love,

the world may not understand,

the brotherhood of those who fight,

don’t worry yourself tho,

just your sacrifice is in my sights…